Inrealestatenyc - companies share market knowledge in the areas of leasing, property management, land development, commercial area estate brokerage, acquisition, commercial lending, and other areas of commercial real estate, providing a one-stop-shop for clients across the country. Our proven track record and expertise exemplify our commitment to providing the best in quality and value to our clients, tenants, and investors.

Our Services and Specialization
The following outlines the distinctive platform of transaction and consultative services we offer our clients: Acquisitions Properties We specialize in identifying underperforming investment opportunities.

Market Research
We have access to the latest commercial real estate information and trends that are essential in making informed decisions.

Advisory Services
We provide a comprehensive real estate investent analysis to maximize the investment return by determining if the asset should be sold, refinanced, renovated or held.

Dispositions Properties
Maximizing an asset's value by developing individualized marketing plans is our area of expertise.

Commercial Leasing Services

Our commercial rental services include retail spaces, offices, restaurants, bars, food service, health and wellness, medical, industrial, and mixed-use. Inrealestate company is the global leader in commercial real estate services and investments.