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What are Tips for Successful Wholesaling of Real Estate?

Updated: Apr 8

In addition to qualifying your buyer, you will do three other things to succeed while wholesale commercial real estate.

Keep up the marketing. First, you're going to continue to do marketing for other marketers, so that you have backup offers in hand if your buyer is unable to perform for any reason.

Change your cut-off date. Second, you will set a deadline with your buyer long before the date you need to agree with the owner. This gives you the time you need to have another opportunity to put the pieces in place to do the job of the case if you need it. New wholesalers stop marketing to a purchaser, and they don't set closing dates in advance.

Have a plan B, C, or D. Ideally, is to have a plan B that allows you to make sure that the property is sold if your buyer doesn't get through. If you follow our advice on this, you will never find yourself in a position where you have made a promise to the seller that you cannot keep.

This can be embarrassing, it will affect your reputation, and depending on the way you've structured the case, you may even lose your serious money.

Wholesaling real estate can be profitable, and it has the benefit of requiring little upfront capital. But you must also consider whether it's something that interests you. Real estate wholesaling requires marketing and networking. You'll also likely need a deep understanding of real estate and the local market.

How to be the Best Salesperson: Be a Helper First

You probably don't want to think about it, but many of your plan B options can include situations where you don't end up getting your wholesale expenses. This is more logical when you realize that if you can't set up the parts to wholesale a property, you didn't earn. Even so, if you can still help the salesperson, you will build relationships and get referrals that will pay you back later.

Make your reputation more important than money. Another option might be to accept a lower wholesale charge or even no charge just to get the deal done and help the landlord.

Why put all these efforts into an agreement without taking any action?

This is because the most valuable thing you will have as a commercial property investor is your reputation. If you keep your promise to a salesperson without paying, you're going to have people talking about you for years. Ideally, your plan B would be to build the capacity to come up with financing yourself as a safeguard to sell the property wholesale to a buyer.

What makes a big "good" thing?

A good deal makes your buyer willing to purchase and brings you a lot of money. Ideally, you would obtain it under a contract that is lower than the market or real value of the property. You must obtain the property under contract at a price low enough to have an integrated share capital for your buyer on the first day.

So, if the property is worth $1,200,000, and you get it under a contract for $1,000,000, you can give away your contract for $80,000 or $100,000 and your buyers will love you because when they buy the deal, they walk into the first day with integrated fairness of at least $100,000. In addition to that, you will leave with a profit of $80,000 without having to possess, repair or manage anything.

That's why wholesale can be a great way to start making investments in commercial real estate.

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