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What are Buying and Selling Tools?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Here's what you need to get into the wholesale business of commercial buildings because a good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think.

Empathy at Work

Empathy is the ability to recognize emotions in other individuals and to understand the perspectives of others in a situation. Why is empathy a key tool in the workplace? When you can empathize with someone else, you can better resolve workplace conflicts; improve relationships with customers, clients, and coworkers; and build productive teams. So how can you develop empathy at work? According to Psychology Today, you should:

Give your full attention when listening to others, particularly to their interests and needs.

Listen without arguing, disputing, or asking direct questions right away.

Talk about yourself only when connecting to something the other person is saying.

Ask questions that help you learn more about what the person is feeling.

Empathy is something you can put into action every day as a respected leader.

· Ability to Leverage Social Networking for Professional Growth

Where do executives communicate, demonstrate thought leadership, network, and engage in lifelong learning? Social media is an important technology tool for business professionals. And one of the most pertinent to business life – LinkedIn – is expected to continue to build momentum this year.

A strong network is key to business success and building one in 2022 means using social networks like LinkedIn effectively. Here are a few ways you can maximize the benefits of professional social networking platforms:

· Master video sharing

Leverage technology to engage in lifelong learning through programs that help you level up specific skills.

Demonstrate thought leadership across all social channels – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram.

· Strong Communication Skills

Enhancing your communication skills can not only improve your leadership capabilities but can also help you stand out as you aspire towards higher-level positions that are critical to business planning:

· Improving productivity

Summarize during a conversation to ensure you understand properly. Express your point of view in brief, bite-sized chunks that people can remember. As you grow in your career, you will be faced with situations every day that require you to leverage your professional toolbox. Whether you are practicing empathy, developing new connections, or communicating with co-workers, a business degree or certificate can help you build on your existing strengths and pursue your goals.

How do you negotiate with a difficult landlord?

Good deals are deals that make you money with less to no hassle, right? So, if you can find a property where the landlord hasn’t been paying attention to the market or just hasn’t bothered to raise the rent, you can get the property under contract, raise the rents, and reap the benefits.

These types of properties are known as lazy landlord properties. This is one big advantage of working the Branch One side of commercial properties. Once a property is listed with a broker, it’s likely the broker will let the owner know the rents are below market. Once this happens, you’ve lost most of your ability to base your purchase price on the current rental amounts.

The advantage of going direct to the owners and getting the property from them before a commercial broker, you can get it under contract just below the actual value. The reason is that if the rents are far enough below market, you can work the spread between the current actual value and the proforma value of the property.

Increasing the NOI (net operating income) causes the property value to go up by a large factor. Therefore, Negotiation is to try to work out an agreement between parties that each wants something out of the deal.
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