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Rental Property Upgrades: Appliances That Add Value and Tips to Cut Costs

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Rental properties vary widely in size, style, and affordability, as do the appliances that furnish them. However, for those managing properties that fall between luxury estates and budget accommodations, selecting the right appliances can pose a challenge. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:



When outfitting your rental property with appliances, it's essential to match the quality and cost of the appliances to the rental price. For instance, a modestly priced apartment would not typically feature high-end appliances like a luxury range worth tens of thousands of dollars. Opting for stylish yet reasonably priced appliances, preferably in modern stainless steel finishes, is ideal to appeal to tenants without breaking the bank.


Kitchen Design Focus

A well-chosen range serves as the focal point of a kitchen, guiding the selection of other appliances. Fortunately, numerous affordable options from reputable brands like GE, Frigidaire, and Whirlpool offer stylish and functional ranges within the $800 to $1,300 price range. Researching appliances on impartial platforms like The New York Times' Wirecutter can provide valuable insights into cost-efficient options.


Range vs. Cooktop

For rental properties, slide-in ranges offer convenience, affordability, and ease of maintenance compared to separate cooktops. While ranges are generally more cost-effective than cooktops, they still offer adequate functionality for most tenants.


Electric vs. Gas

Electric ranges are safer, easier to clean, and increasingly preferred for their environmental benefits over gas alternatives. Given the ongoing shift toward electric-powered appliances, investing in electric ranges can future-proof your rental property and align with evolving energy standards.


Induction Cooktops

Although less common in the U.S., induction cooktops offer significant advantages in terms of safety, energy efficiency, and ease of cleaning. While they come at a slightly higher price point, their benefits, including reduced fire risk and faster cooking times, make them a worthy investment for rental properties.


Refrigerator Considerations

When selecting refrigerators for rental properties, practicality should take precedence over features like exterior ice dispensers, which can lead to maintenance issues and potential water damage in rental units.


Washer-Dryer Choices

Electric dryers are increasingly favored over gas models for rental properties due to safety and future-proofing considerations. Commercial-grade washer-dryer combos are recommended for short-term rentals to withstand high laundry volumes and frequent usage.


Preferred Brands

Brands like Frigidaire and Whirlpool are popular choices for rental properties, offering a balance of affordability, reliability, and aesthetic appeal. While luxury brands like Miele and Bosch offer prestige, they may not justify their higher price tags for non-luxury rentals.


Final Considerations

Appliances play a crucial role in tenant satisfaction, and landlords should prioritize their selection and maintenance. Considerations such as cost segregation for tax benefits, inclusion of appliance upkeep clauses in leases, energy efficiency ratings, and warranty coverage should also inform appliance decisions for rental properties.

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