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How to become a real estate broker?

Updated: Jun 6

To become a real estate broker, it is first necessary to acquire experience as a real estate sales agent.

Sales agents work for brokers, helping their employer's customers purchase, sell or lease homes or other properties. In most states, sales agents are trained for their employment by first attending a preparatory training course offered by a state-accredited school. Students in pre-license courses, learn about subjects such as real estate legal issues, ethics, real estate finance, contracts, taxes and insurance.

Once they have completed their training and have obtained their license, sales agents are able to go and work for a broker.

Realtors must take courses, obtain a license and take on-the-job training. To become a real estate agent, you must meet the following requirements:

Take a Crown-approved Real Estate Sales course.

Complete the Real Estate Agent Licensing Program for your state.

To be a real estate agent.

Obtain real estate qualifications.

Complete a government approved real estate broker course.

Take the real estate brokerage examination.

Real Estate Brokerage is a lucrative career which provides flexible hours and the opportunity to meet many types of people.

Real estate brokers assist people in buying, selling and renting commercial, industrial and residential properties. They assist in negotiating the final contract and guide their customers throughout the real estate transaction - including inspections and repairs that have to be performed prior to sale.

A successful broker relies on its ability to attract new customers. As they gain experience and establish a more extensive network of contacts in their community, brokers can build a better reputation and grow their business.

Brokers who attract large volumes of business can end up hiring sales agents to work on their behalf.

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