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How do you motivate seller leads?

Updated: Apr 9

A motivated seller is someone eager to get rid of a property in their possession. Before we jump into the strategies for finding motivated sellers, let’s take a closer look at how a motivated seller differs from other types of sellers.

The phrase "motivated seller" in real estate listings can mean several things. But primarily, the term signifies that the property owner is eager to close the deal on a piece of property quickly. The desire to close quickly can be for any number of reasons. It's important for buyers to get a sense of those reasons, and how to temper the offers they make accordingly.

· The phrase “motivated seller” in real estate listings can mean many things, including the chance for further price reductions or concessions.

· It might also mean that the house is near foreclosure or can’t go any lower in price without entering the short-sale territory.

· “Motivated seller” might mean “motivated listing agent”; sometimes the seller sets the price too high, and the agent wants to encourage an offer.

· To deal with motivated sellers, ask the listing agent why the seller is selling the home, try a lowball offer, or wait for a price reduction.

A motivated seller is a property owner who will meet at least one of the following conditions:

· Willing to sell the property at a very favorable price: Usually this means 10-30% below market value.

· Willing to sell the property at very favorable terms: This includes things like no money down, 0% interest, financing, etc.

It is part of human nature that someone who has owned commercial property for some time will likely have an exaggerated idea of the kind of offers they can receive.

Motivated sellers are everywhere; you just need to know how to find them. Here are some tips for how to find motivated sellers:

· Find Your List: Use public records, internet research, and networking to compile a list of property owners in the area.

· Create Marketing Collateral: Strategize the best way to reach out to your list and draft sample messages.

· Send Direct Mail: Launch a direct mail campaign (with scheduled follow-ups) to your target group of property owners.

· Filter Your Leads: Prepare questions for potential leads and begin pinpointing motivated sellers.

· Follow-Up: Schedule reminders to follow up with your motivated seller leads.

The bottom line is that advertising "motivated seller" often means nothing. How much to offer depends on the comparable sales and the price that buyers feel comfortable offering based on those comps. Frankly, every seller should be a motivated one—or they are not real sellers at all.

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