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Can be Self-Storage The Right Choice For Your Business’ Extra Storage Needs?

Self-storage has been emerging lately as a viable storage alternative for businesses, due to its versatility, affordability, and availability. Self-storage can solve many common problems that businesses, big or small, have when it comes to easy access to storage space for things like documents, tools and equipment, vehicles, merchandise and so on.

From an accountant or an artisan working out of their home to a contractor or a catering business, storage space constraints can affect a wide array of businesses. Renting self-storage can really make the difference from a cramped workspace filled with papers, materials, tools and so on to a comfortable, spacious one that allows productivity and focus to flourish.

Here’s all you need to know about renting self-storage for business purposes, and why it can be a smart choice for your business:

Self-storage allows you to rent space right where you need it most

Self-storage is widely available across the country: Currently, there are over 1.7B square feet of self storage space in the U.S., and more space is added regularly. This means that the service can be accessed almost anywhere, from large urban hot spots to small towns. A business owner can rent a self-storage unit located close to their office to store documents and other items. If you have a small artisan business selling beautiful creations you craft yourself, and you work out of your home, you can rent a unit near you to keep materials and tools, thus avoiding clutter in your living space.

But the convenience of self-storage goes further than that. Businesses can use this service wherever they need it. Construction companies can rent storage units located close to their worksites, which reduces costs associated with transporting large tools and equipment back and forth all the time. On top of that, these expensive items are much better protected in storage units than at a construction site.

You can rent just as much, or as little, storage space as you need

Self-storage comes in a variety of unit sizes, and businesses can rent anything from a small unit to several extra-large ones, depending on how much space they actually need. A 10’x10’ storage unit, for example, which is about as big as half of a standard garage, is the right choice for storing filing cabinets with important documents or supplies for a crafting business.

Larger sizes, such as a 10’x15’ storage unit, are suitable for different types of tools and equipment. A catering business, for example, might consider this size a good choice for storing tables, chairs, decorations or cooking gear. Businesses that need to store oversized items (large vehicles and such) can rent extra-large units. The 10’x30’ storage unit is the biggest one widely available at most self storage facilities.

You can rent self-storage space short term or long term

Self-storage units are generally leased on month-to-month basis, allowing businesses to easily adjust how much space they rent to their needs at any given time. Many businesses rent self storage long term, as their storage needs are relatively constant over time. However, there are instances when a business might need to use more storage space for a short while. Self storage facilities offer the flexibility of leasing more space at a moment’s notice. Also, if your business suddenly needs to reduce the amount of space it rents, it can be done easily and without major financial implications.

Your important items will be well protected

Self-storage facilities are generally safe and well-protected environments, fully fenced, gated and fitted with security cameras. Moreover, you can rent units that provide just the right environment even for delicate and expensive items. Things like antiques, collectibles, electronics and so on require special conditions, such as constant temperature and low humidity. Safely storing such belongings can be quite the hassle for businesses that sell or use such items. Even documents can be damaged over time by environmental factors, so, if it’s mandatory for your business to keep paper records long term, things can get tricky. A simple, easy-to-access solution is a climate-controlled storage unit, which can be found in many, if not most, storage facilities. Your items will be safely protected, whether it’s long-term or short-term storage.

Dropping off and picking up belongings can be done easily

Storage facilities usually have long opening hours, and many of them are open even on weekends or have 24-hour access. This means that retrieving the things you have stored or adding items to your storage unit can be done without issues, even if you keep irregular business hours. Also, some storage facilities accept shipments, which can help you streamline your activity even further.

Self-storage has emerged as a valuable solution for businesses facing storage challenges in today’s dynamic and competitive landscape. With their flexibility, affordability and security features, self-storage facilities offer a practical alternative to traditional on-site storage options. Whether it’s seasonal inventory, excess supplies or important documents that need safekeeping, self-storage helps businesses unlock valuable space within their premises, freeing them to focus on their core activities.

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